Teen Anime Club

teen anime club

Anime Club
First Thursday of each month from 4-6pm
We will be watching anime, chosen by attending teens, and eating snacks! Some meetings will have a Japanese-themed craft, snack, or activity as well.

    • When attending the club, there will be a pre-selected list of anime to choose from our Crunchyroll subscription. Our teen librarian has gone through and researched the reviews & available ratings of the titles to determine the appropriateness for a teen audience. Once it has passed the review, it was added to the list.
    • Because most anime is meant for teens and adults, the club content is for teens, ages 13+. Content will be rated PG or PG-13/TV14. Any episode or title can be vetoed upon viewing by either the librarian or club members.
    • We will be using Internet Movie Database and MyAnimeList for anime ratings and age recommendations.
    • What if a club member objects to the anime being shown?
      • We all have different preferences for the kind of media we consume. If a teen is uncomfortable watching a show, or if they think the content is too scary/violent/suggestive/etc., they are welcome to raise their concerns to the group or privately with the librarian/volunteer in charge. No club member is expected to watch a show that is upsetting or triggering. However, it is up to the teen to raise their concerns. Otherwise, it is assumed that the content is acceptable to all teens in attendance
    • What if a parent objects to the anime being shown?
      • Parents and guardians are responsible for determining what library programs their children can attend. If you are uncomfortable with your teen viewing material rated PG13/TV14 (anime often includes violence, strong language, and mild nudity), this club may not be a good fit.
      • Parents and guardians play the major role in guiding their children’s or wards’ reading and library use. Each family has the right to determine which library materials and programs are acceptable for its children and must accord the same right to other parents.
    • Some titles include: Naruto, Boruto, Death Note, Inuyasha, One Piece, One-Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x Hunter, and so much more!!
    • Anime suggestions will be accepted. If a teen wishes to submit an anime suggestion, let the librarian know and they will research the title for the next session.