Serving the South Milwaukee Community for Over 115 Years

Today there are many demands placed on the tax dollar. As a result, the city’s budget is able to provide for only the basic library services but not much more.

The South Milwaukee Public Library Foundation, Inc.’s purpose is to raise funds to enhance the library collections, services and programs that otherwise would not be available through the tax dollar.

What Can I Do to Help Maintain the Library’s Excellence?

The Foundation provides you with the opportunity to ensure that the library remains a well-equipped facility that is able to offer the most current materials and databases.

Your contribution will provide the support needed to allow the library to afford South Milwaukee residents of ALL ages with the opportunity for lifelong learning experiences.

Donor Opportunities

Donations to the South Milwaukee Public Library Foundation, Inc. may be made by individuals, organizations, businesses and corporations. All donations are tax deductible in the year that they are paid.

Online donations are NOW being accepted! Please click here to make your donation now!